Welcome to Rockin’ Farmers.  While I was filming Farmageddon– The Unseen War on American Family Farms, I met a bunch of amazing people, all across the country, doing some pretty cool stuff on their farms.  I vowed to go back and film them.  Farmers are a tough bunch to pin down and to get in front of a camera, but I think they sensed my passion for their work and they understood that their stories will encourage people to support family farming.  You will find five great examples of young farmers…and I was able to make great movies of them with the fantastic camera work of Ian Levasseur, the editing of Cob Carlson and the music of composer extraordinaire, Joey Peters.


In addition to the short films, I have links to information from leading scientists, farmers and other experts in agriculture who provide in depth information about today’s sustainable, healthy farming practices.  I want to inspire more people to become farmers and I want to encourage everyone to support them.  In the past five years, I have seen incredible innovations in holistic farming and I have witnessed a dramatic increase in consumer demand for real food, grown using environmentally friendly, humane and healthy practices.


Please take time to get to know the farmers featured in these films and then go meet and purchase pastured meats and produce from a farmer near you.